RS ESTATES” is an organization and we always
follow our vision of recreating the magic of our ancient way of life,
our rich tradition of living in perfect harmony with Mother Nature.
We owe this enviable success to the never-ending delight of our valuable customers,
their unconditional loyalty and our mutual trust.
We give you the best chance to gift your beloved family the joy of traditional living,
while keeping a safe distance from the pollution of the concrete jungles;
yet relish the comfort of the most modern world class amenities.
We believe that every home should always be the safest and happiest
place on earth and we fight hard to make that dream come true
RS ESTATES is a non profit organisation formed by all the leading real estate consulting companies
based out of NELLORE . These companies have been catering to
Multinational/Indian corporations / individuals in the areas of commercial - retail and
residential real estate consulting for the past decade and more across the state.

The main aim and objective of RS ESTATE is to promote ethical and standard business practices
in real estate consulting across Andhra Pradesh and educate and build
successful real estate consultants/ agents. Thus bringing all the real estate
consultants on a common platform with one GOAL -- Setting the highest and most ethical standards
and practices in the field of real estate consulting and nothing less.

The member companies have successfully managed to run organised real estate
brokerage/ consulting firms in a not so organised market over the years and have
practiced ethical and corporative methods amongst the fellow consultants,
thus making real estate consulting/ brokerage business a reputable and respected business
practice across Andhra Pradesh.
RS ESTATE was formed in February 2008 and registered AT NELLORE,
vide registration Number , dated 21st February 2008.
Ever since its formation in February 2008 RS ESTATES has made remarkable achievements.

Operating Since: 1999
Dealing in: Sale/Purchase of Properties

Areas of Operation