Our Features - Providing Plug and Play Managed Office Space

Flexibility: One of the main reasons why many businesses chose to take space in our managed office is flexibility we give them. Conventional leases, which typically last from 3 years to 5 years, tie businesses into their offices. This means that if during the life of a lease, a company's space requirements change - whether they need to expand or contract - they are unable to adjust without incurring significant costs, administrative issues or delays. But we at Novel Business Center in Bangalore give the full freedom to alter the space rented, usually at very short notice. This can be beneficial to businesses when times are good and they need more space quickly or conversely when it needs to contract. We provide a managed office space for rent in Bangalore at customer’s terms and conditions.

Zero Management: Whenever we provide managed office space for rent at our Business Center in Bangalore we take care of all the needs, from housekeeping to server management. With Serviced Office we allow businesses to enjoy an ‘all inclusive' service. For a fixed price, clients can expect to receive everything they will need to run their businesses, from desks, chairs, and telephones, to staffed reception desks, cleaning services and refreshment facilities at our serviced office space for rent.

Rent & Use: With our products, clients need not spend on assets. Rent them from us, and return them at the end. We provide you with a commercial office space for rent which is fully furnished according to the wish of the client at our Business Centers in Bangalore. We invest in the furnishing and asset. The client only pays the rent for the plug and play office.

Focus only on Business: In our managed commercial office space for rent in Bangalore, we want clients to grow to focus only on their business and not on the operations and support. When operations are not an issue, clients can focus totally on the Business.

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