Our Mission

To provide an organized and transparent real estate platform to all stakeholders to buy, sell and rent/lease residential and commercial property with ease.

Core Values The ABC and Z’s of our services

Innovation – Our team likes to stay ahead of the times. Our site, the way we work and the services we offer are driven by modernity and the latest technology.

Authenticity – The team prides itself in offering only the most genuine information on its website and in person. Extensive market research makes meraflat.in a storehouse of empowering information and services.

Client-Centricity – With ‘ease’, ‘convenience’ and ‘seamless functioning’ at the centre, our client-friendly services and online features make our offerings the best in the market.

Facilitation – Stemming from our focus on client needs, we facilitate various stakeholders into meeting on a common platform. We act as facilitators for various market agents and buyers.

Website: www.meraflat.in/
Operating Since: 2015
Dealing in: Sale/Purchase and Rent/Lease of Apartments / Flats

Areas of Operation