We specialize in estate agent and estate manager and to collect rents, repair, look after and manage immovable properties of or for any person, firm and companies, governments and state, as well as this company, to give take, let and sublet rent-framing contract and to carry out, undertake or supervise any building, construction, altering, improving, demolishing and repairing operations and all other works and operations in connection with immovable estate and properties.

To purchase any movable or immovable property including industrial, commercial or farm land, plots, buildings, houses, apartments, flats or area within or outside the limit of Municipal Corporation or other local bodies, anywhere within the domain of India, to divide the same into suitable plots and to rent or sell the plots for building/ constructing residential house, bungalows, business premises and colonies and rent or sell the same and realize cost in lump sum or easy installment or by hire purchase system and otherwise.

We construct, execute, carryout, equip, support maintain, operate, improve, work, develop, building, houses and other construction or convenience of all kind, which expression includes roads, railways and tramways, dock, harbors, piers, wharves, canals, serial runways and hangers, airport, reservoirs, embankment, irritations, improvements, sewage, sanitary, water, gas, electronic light, power supply works and hotel, cold storage, warehouse, cinema house, market, public and other buildings and all other works and conveniences of public or private utility. To purchase, sell and otherwise to carry on the business such as builders, contractors, engineers, Estate Agents, Interior Decorators and Surveyors.

We are manufacture, develop, fabricate, finish, manipulate and act as importer, exporter, buyer, seller, job worker, wooden beading and moldings, wooden packing cases, and to carry on either alone or jointly with one or more persons, government, local or other bodies, the business of undertake interior designers, reaction and installation, solar system, water proofing, wallpapers and to act civil engineers, engineers, interiors decorators, consultants, advisor, contractors, turnkey contractors and managers, and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of the above objects.

We have a strong database of builders, brokers, dealers and interested buyers /sellers of different properties like Residential Property, Commercial Property, and Industrial Property. We bring together all of them and help in smooth and reliable transaction that best suit both the concerned parties. We believe that planning is science and art, thus we work with proper planning, as per the client’s requirements & specifications and then offer appropriate service.

Website: www.kiipl.com
Operating Since: 2017
Dealing in: Sale/Purchase and Rent/Lease of Apartments / Flats, Showrooms, Commercial Plots / Lands, Residential Plots / Lands, Warehouses / Godowns, Shopping Mall Spaces, Office Spaces

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