To create a modern urban center that becomes a city in its truest sense: A place where inhabitants and business opportunities flourish. A regional hub to live, conduct business as well as to have fun. A community to love and be proud of. A Place you will call home.

Grandeur City is all about comfort living. Owning a lovely and comfortable home with extraordinary features is a dream. Grandeur City has been created with a vision to fulfill this dream. Grandeur City has cozy weekend getaway homes where you can picnic with your entire family with ample space around. It offers you all these facilities close to your home at your convenience. Building Blocks offers you a golden chance to make your life complete and utterly fulfilling at a reasonable price.

After all, 50 years of one's life span has only 2500 weekends. So gift yourself a chance to enjoy with Grandeur city. For this to happen, you need a comfortable lavish home to return to. So, in Grandeur City, you will never have a dull moment.

Life is not just about setting professional goals and achieving success! It is equally important to have recreation, good health, and mental peace. Life is incomplete without all these flavours. Give yourself a chance at happiness with Grandeur City has not overlooked basic amenities even as it offers you the finer things of life. Healthcare clinics, educational institutions, shopping malls, and retail shops are just a few yards away from your home.

Operating Since: 2000
Dealing in: Sale/Purchase of Residential Plots / Lands

Areas of Operation